Big Announcement – DC Trivia Champions League (working title)

Hey y’all,

Just a quick announcement in case you missed last Tuesday’s quiz.  After much wrangling, I was able to convene several trivia hosts from bars around town and we are set to go ahead with a cross-bar tournament to take place (beginning in September).  More details on the format and prizes will be confirmed shortly, but we look to have Wonderland, Shaw’s Tavern, and Nellie’s signed on.  Each bar’s top four teams will be allowed to enter.

So, what this means is, even if you don’t think you can catch Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge in the league, you still have something big to play for.  Don’t forget that final league standings are hugely dependent on how things go on July 22 in our grand final (the formula is 1/2 your league points plus your July 22 score).  The top 3 overall league scores will qualify for the Champions League.

What about the fourth team?  Well, because I didn’t have this tournament confirmed back when we started our Spring/Summer League, I couldn’t promise anything for those teams that place highly but don’t win the league.  So I know some teams may have lost hope of winning the league and stopped bringing their top efforts.  Now’s your chance to get back into it with something to play for (or start making a league presence): after the top 3 overall league teams, we’ll also enter in the top team (not counting those 3) based on total league points from now till July 22 (counting July 22 league points as a regular night in which the winner gets 8 pts, 2nd place gets 6, 3rd gets 5, 4th gets 4, 5th gets 3, and everyone else in attendance gets 2, as per usual).  Got it? Too confusing? What it boils down to is, do better than any other non-top-3 league team in the next 4 weeks and you’re in the inaugural DC Trivia Champions League. So bring your A-game starting this Tuesday, when Brian hosts.  There’s much to play for!

See y’all then,



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