Results from last Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Apologies for the delay in getting you the results – have been distracted by traveling a bit this week.  Anyway, thanks for making Tuesday a great night of trivia that came right down to the wire.  After catching Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge for the lead in the final round to end up tied at 68.5, Suck It (unless if you’re Luis Suarez) completed their comeback by winning the tiebreaker and taking first prize. In third was Genius Club at 65.5, (winning the best team name by playing as “Uruguayan Sports Cannibalism: Plane Crash No Longer Required”), followed by Tuesday Heartbreak 2 points behind, and ANZAC on 59 points.

So, your extremely tight league standings, now less than a month before the July 22 final:

Team Name Total
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 60.5
Suck It 57.5
XXX 43.5
Genius Club 39.5
Tuesday Heartbreak 31
South Africa 27
#triggerwarning 23.5
What About Benghazi? 21
The Nevernudes 20
Fuck Mountain 10
If Ukraine Your Neck 8



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