Results from Tuesday (and league update)

Hey y’all,

Thanks for rising to the challenge of a tough trivia night this past Tuesday.  It was mighty close, but, as they have been doing a lot recently, Suck It squeaked out a win over Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, 63.5 to 62.  In third place was XXX with 58.5 – and they have requested a round on Star Trek: The Next Generation for this coming Tuesday (which thankfully will be hosted by Brian as I don’t know anything about Star Trek and probably would have made all the questions reference Reading Rainbow) – followed by Genius Club with 57.5 and ANZACs picking up a vital bonus league point in fifth with 53.5.  Also, Genius Club won the best team name vote, as they played this week as “So This is the Thanks We Get For Harboring Your Nazis?!”

Now, as for the league standings – with this win, we have a switch at the top.  After being out of the top spot since April, Suck It has re-emerged on top of the leaderboard with only one week left before the grand final on July 22.  It is now very clearly going to all come down to the final, with both teams in great shape to win the league, and XXX and Genius Club not out of it yet (and also fighting for that third automatic entry into the DC Trivia Champions League).

Our leaderboard:

Team Name Total
Suck It 73.5
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 72.5
XXX 50.5
Genius Club 48
Tuesday Heartbreak 33
South Africa 29
The Nevernudes 26.5
#triggerwarning 23.5
What About Benghazi? 23

And as I mentioned, after the top 3 teams are decided on July 22, the next best team (based solely on 1st-5th league points plus attendance each week, including July 22) over the final four weeks of the league will get the last  Stetsons spot in the inaugural DC Trivia Champions League.  The standings through 2 weeks, including teams almost certain to be in the top 3 in the league anyway:

Suck It 16
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 12
Genius Club 8.5
The Nevernudes 6.5
Tuesday Heartbreak 2
South Africa 2
What About Benghazi? 2

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on Tuesday. I plan to be there.  See y’all then!



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