Stetsons World Cup Challenge Update

Hey y’all,

For those of you who entered our friendly World Cup prediction pool, I can give you the update going into tomorrow’s World Cup Final.  After a few participants failed to get their second-round bracket in to me in time, the ranks were whittled down a bit, but many of the remaining competitors have done quite well, with Argentina being a popular pick to win it all.  Here’s the top 7 on the leaderboard:

Sam Wilhelm-Ross 62
Jonathan Faull 62
Michael Michaud 62
Mehrun Etebari 54
Jeremy Mintz 52
Anthony Flores 48
Robert Svihla 33

Now, as Sam picked Germany as his champion before the tournament (before changing his mind and going for Argentina in the second phase), he’ll pick up 12 points if Germany wins – and shockingly nobody else in the top 7 have Germany as a champion. So if Germany wins, Sam Wilhelm-Ross wins our prize.  If Argentina wins, well, both Jonathan (of team South Africa) and Michael (of Suck It) picked Argentina as their champion before AND after the group stage, so they’ll both pick up 24 points, sending it to a tiebreaker based on their picks for the golden boot (World Cup top scorer).  But dammit, they both picked Aguero, so we may just have a tie for first place if Argentina wins.  An unsatisfying tie. I guess this is why they say pub trivia-based World Cup prediction pools will never catch on as a spectator sport in America.



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