Results from July 15

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday! It was another very close night, and all of our league teams turned in very impressive performances. Our results were:

5th: Genius Club – 68 points

4th: Tuesday Heartbreak – 68.5 points

3rd: XXX – 69.5 points and requested a round on Seinfeld for next week

2nd: Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge – 72 points

1st: Suck It – 74.5 points

On a night with some strong contenders, best team name went to Warren G. Hardon, who earned a street sign that said Tecate Place for their efforts. Here are our overall league results going into the final:

Suck It 81.5
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 78.5
XXX 55.5
Genius Club 51
Tuesday Heartbreak 37
South Africa 31
The Nevernudes 28.5
#triggerwarning 23.5
What About Benghazi? 23

The top three of those teams will earn the right to participate in the DC Trivia Champions League, as well as the best-performing team in the last four weeks that hasn’t already qualified. Here are the standings for just the last three weeks:

Suck It 24
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 18
XXX 12
Genius Club 11.5
The Nevernudes 8.5
Tuesday Heartbreak 6
South Africa 4
What About Benghazi? 2

So that final wildcard spot is still very much available to pretty much anyone, depending on your placement in the final night next week. Mehrun or I will provide more details prior to Tuesday about the final, but one thing to keep in mind is that we will have both a lit round and a sports round.

See you next week for the final!



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