Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks for showing up for what turned out to be a brutally difficult night of trivia tonight.  In the end, we had possibly the lowest winning score of any trivia night I’ve hosted at Stetsons, 55.5 points, by Hurricane Ditka (aka Tuesday Heartbreak).  In 2nd with 52 was “I Nominate Mehrun for the Ice Bucket Challenge” (league name: Nevernudes), with 52.

And while I am not about to dump any icewater on myself, their name has since guilted me into giving a little bit o’ cash to the ALS Association, and I hereby challenge y’all to do the same. (Or if you’d rather give elsewhere, I can re-plug the fact that a Stetsons regular, Michael from team Suck It, has just participated in the Travis Roy Foundation’s annual wiffle ball tournament for spinal cord injury research – donate via him here. We also had Hannah from Malaria No More playing at Stetsons today; give to them if you feel like it.  Or give at least $5 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and get big discounts at Macy’s this Saturday, along with proceeds from your purchases going to the LLS. Or choose your own charity to give to by checking out Charity Navigator and browsing. But try to give something to someone if you can; we like to be good folks here at the Stetsons trivia night.)

Anyway, back to the trivia results – in third place with 50 points was a first-time team, the Churlish Chupacabra.  Not a bad showing for first timers – and they have requested a round on Renewable Energy for next week.  Also, the winner of our double VHS prize pack of Aladdin and the Return of Jafar for being voted best team name was “Hemorrhagic Fever? I Hardly Know Her!”

Brian will host y’all good next week, and I may well see y’all there too.  Have a great week!




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