Results from August 26

Hi all,

We had another full house for trivia this week, so thanks to all who came by. It was another close, tough night, and we actually had a tie for third, with two teams at 60 points. However, “Why is Archer Taking Over the Middle East?” were able to list more songs from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 60 seconds, so they took home second and $25 off their bar tab. Our third place team, “Me Fail Trivia? That’s Unpossible” picked The Tudors (the dynasty, not the show) as their well-earned round for next week. Our top team, however, with 63.5 points, was one of our “Have It Your Way, Eh?” teams (specifically our regular team South Africa), who took home the win and knocked $50 off their bar tab.

We’ll see you all next week, when Mehrun will bring you eight rounds including a sports round, a Tudors round, and much more.



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