League Rules

Hi all,

With the next season of the fall/winter league starting up on Tuesday, I thought it’d be good to give a little refresher on the rules. Trivia will still continue as normal with the usual weekly prizes, but there will also be an ongoing competition following these rules:

-Each week your team shows up, you get a minimum of 2 league points, even if you take last place. There’s amnesty if you have to miss exactly one week, so if you miss a single week, we’ll give you 2 league points for that night. So you essentially can miss one night without consequence, although you’ll also be missing the chance to earn more than 2 points that night.

-Each week, the top 5 teams for that night’s quiz will earn extra league points. The first place team will earn 8 league points, 2nd will earn 6, 3rd will earn 5, 4th will earn 4, 5th will earn 3 (and everyone else gets 2).

-Going into the final, we’ll take your league point total and divide it by 2. Then, we’ll add that number to your score in the grand final, and whoever has the highest total sum will be the 2014 Stetsons Winter Champions.

Also, remember to choose some sort of league name to identify yourselves as. You can vary your weekly name, but we need some sort of consistent name by which to keep track of your scores.

We’re looking forward to another closely fought season!


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