Results from last week and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming to fill the house last Tuesday!  We had a great night, none of us more so than our winners on the evening, Suck It, with an impressive 75 points.  Genius Club took second with 69 despite being only a 2-person team (and picked up a croquet set after winning the vote for best team name for the night as “Can We Just Go Ahead and Quarantine All of New Jersey?”), while the previous winners on the first night of the league, Pumpkin Riot, were third with 68.  In 4th picking up some valuable league points were Crystal Meth Orgy with 67.5 – and in 5th place, also picking up a bonus league point was Who Needs Smallpox Blankets When You Can Give Kids Guns? with 53.5.  So, we are ridiculously early in the league season and everyone is very much still alive – it’s not too late to join up, folks! – but through two weeks, we have a tie atop the leaderboard between Suck It and Pumpkin Riot.

Now, a few hints for Tuesday.  Pumpkin Riot used their 3rd place privilege to choose a round on Kansas Jayhawks Basketball, so that’ll be this week’s sports round.  In addition, there will be a  couple election-related rounds as it is indeed going to be election night (and yes, we’ll be watching the results come in live in Stetsons so I’ll try to keep the chit-chat and extra audio to a minimum so you can stay up to date with all the developments on the midterms). Anyway:


See y’all Tuesday night! Even if all of your candidates lose, you can distract yourself from [pending election results] America’s impending dystopian future by playing some trivia.



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