Results for Nov. 11

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you who came out and celebrated Veteran’s Day with a round of trivia instead of attending some silly concert. Here were the results:

5th: Xi Takes Pacific Rim Job, with 55 points (earned 3 league points)
4th: Because No One Wants to Attend a Concert for PTSD, with 62 points (earned 4 league points, and also took best team name, winning a few books of Mad Libs)
3rd: Pumpkin Riot, with 65.5 points (earned 5 league points and requested a round on the Wu-Tang Clan)
2nd: The Chicken Bites are Not What They Seem, with 70 points (earned 6 league points and $25 off their tab)
1st: Dirty Deeds Done at Below-Market Prices, with 72.5 (earned 8 league points and $50 off their tab)

So here are the standings for the top teams after 4 weeks:

Suck It 29
Pumpkin Riot 23
Genius Club 17
Crystal Meth Orgy 14
Jackalopes 12
South Africa 11.5
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 10
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 8
Who Needs Smallpox Blankets When You Can Give Kids Guns? 7
Rains of Castamere 6
4 Non-Blondes 5.5
Team China 5

Let us know if anything seems wrong – there have been some team name changes and whatnot that may have thrown us off, so let us know if you’re not credited for a night that you attended.

See you all next week!



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