Results from November 18

Hey all,

Here are your long overdue results for last week’s extremely close quiz:

1st: …Victims Say the Darndest Things – 68 points (earning $50 off their tab and 8 league points)

2nd: Pumpkin Treason – 67.5  (earning $25 off their tab and 6 league points)

3rd: Wu-sday Heartbreak – 67  (choosing a round on Canadian Prime Ministers for next time and earning 5 league points)

4th: No One Upholds the Sanctity of Marriage Like Charles Manson – 59.5 (earning 4 league points)

5th: No, You’re on Drugs, Matt Lauer – 54.5 (earning 3 league points)

Here are the standings for our top teams after five weeks:

Suck It 37
Pumpkin Riot 29
Genius Club 21
Crystal Meth Orgy 19
Jackalopes 14
South Africa 13.5
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 12
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 11

Suck It’s starting to open up a lead, but there’s still plenty of time for others to catch up. See you all on the 3rd!



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