Results from last week (and league score update)

Hey y’all,

A quick recap of what happened last week and where that puts everyone in the league standings going into tonight’s quiz.  First, after a remarkably tight battle – as you’ll see, the top four teams finished within two points and the top three finished within a half-point of each other – it appeared that league leaders Suck It had prevailed again, by the slimmest of margins.  But in an exemplary show of sportsmanship – which is what I’ve come to expect from the noble trivia gladiators of Stetsons – Suck It pointed out to me that I had accidentally miscounted their final round, giving them an extra point.  And they had me bump them down into a tie for second place, because that was the honest thing to do.  So let us all applaud them for reminding us of the good place that honor and integrity have in our pub quiz.

This ended up giving the victory on the night to Darren Wilson is the Real Turd Ferguson (League Name: Crystal Meth Orgy) with 61.5, allowing them to add 8 league points to their tally in addition to the $50 tab prize.  In a tiebreaker between the two teams that finished at 61, Pointed Pumpkin Rhetoric was able to name more of the 10 longest-running Broadway musicals than Suck It (playing as 60,000 Eye-Witnesses Saw Raiders Surrender in the 2nd Quarter), picking up 6 league points and $25 off their tab while Suck It got 5 league points (and the right to choose a round on the Walking Dead, both TV and comic book, that you’ll be playing tonight).  Rounding out the league point places were South Africa in fourth with 59.5 (4 league points) and in a tie for 5th at 54.5, each picking up 3 league points, Genius Club and Kobe How My Ass Taste.

So, here’s how the leaderboard stands  going into tonight’s quiz, which is just about the halfway point of our league (the final will be in mid-February, exact week TBA):

Team Total
Suck It 42
Pumpkin Riot 35
Crystal Meth Orgy 27
Genius Club 24
South Africa 17.5
Jackalopes 16
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 15
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 13
Who Needs Smallpox Blankets When You Can Give Kids Guns? 7
Team China 7
Rains of Castamere 6
4 Non-Blondes 5.5

Brian will host y’all tonight, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to swing by – and I’ll be hosting next week.

Also, a holiday reminder: we will not be holding trivia on December 23.  As for December 30, we’d like to hold a trivia night, but to make it not count toward the league standings so as to be accommodating for all those league players who are out of town then. If you think you’ll be around and would like us to hold that trivia night then, tell Brian tonight – it’ll help us gauge the interest.

See y’all soon,



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