Recent results and league update (plus League Final date announcement)

Hey y’all,

Hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to soften the blow of returning to your normal routine by joining us for trivia on Tuesday! Brian will be your host, as mentioned in the previous post.

First, thanks to everyone who showed up to our special dual-hosted year-end trivia this week.  In which we learned that Brian and I each writing half of the linked round leads to a maximum score of 2/10.  But hey, it was actually quite a lot of fun.  Here’s how the leaders broke down (remember, no league points were in play this past Tuesday):

1. Kim Jugs Un (56) (first time Stetsons winners, I believe – congrats!)

2. Trivia Poppin’ Cherries (53) (not bad for their first time as a trivia team)

3. Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot….Good Riddance (50.5) (aka Genius Club)

4. (tie) Should Old Opossum Be Forgot; 90 Seconds Per Question, Please (49.5)

For those of you in our league, we have set a date for the grand final – February 17.  So, as you recall, the league winner will be determined by adding each team’s score on the night of February 17 to half their total league points from all preceding weeks.  And the 4 berths for the 2nd edition of the DC Trivia Champions League will be determined by total league points including February 17 (counting February 17 as a regular league night, i.e., one in which the most league points a team can get is 8).

Anyway, in our last league night, over 2 weeks ago, Pumpkin Riot closed the gap on Suck It in the league race (and took the $50 tab prize in the process), defeating them 68.5 to 65.5.  In third was Crystal Meth Orgy with 61, followed by Genius Club with 56.5 (playing with the crowd pleasing name “Sony Hack Reveals ‘Suck It’ as New Bond Villain”) and the always eloquently named Kobe How My Ass Taste? picking up a bonus league point in 5th with 52.

So that brings us to the league score update – as I mentioned above, you have 6 weeks left to step it up to get in the right position to make your move in the final. Here are the leaders:

Suck It 56
Pumpkin Riot 48
Crystal Meth Orgy 36
Genius Club 31
South Africa 21.5
Jackalopes 20
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 20
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 17
Who Needs Smallpox Blankets When You Can Give Kids Guns? 9
Team China 9

Hope you can all make it on Tuesday. Here’s to another great year of trivia ahead!



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