Results from last night

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming out for a great night of trivia to start out the new year!  Unfortunately Brian was beset by illness, but he wrote a great and challenging round that I was able to fill in and host and take credit for. In the end, last night’s quiz tightened up our league a bit further, as Pumpkin Riot (playing as Char Siu Bao Bao) won convincingly with 73, knocking off Suck It (who won the best team name vote with Chris Christie Flagged for Offensive Ass Interference but who were apparently too good to take home their prize of Mary Kate and Ashley’s Fashion Party on VHS, which was later found left on their table) with 67.5. In 3rd with 60 was Genius Club, playing as The Dog Ate our Team Name, who used their 3rd place finish to request an eminently reasonable round theme for next week: the city of Berlin. In 4th, thanks in part to a perfect final round, was Night of the Jackalopes with 54.5, and picking up a bonus league point in 5th with 46 was Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, playing under the name Fergie: Now the 2nd Most Embarrassing York.  So, I’ll post some hints later this week for next week’s quiz, but in the meantime, here’s the updated league leaderboard:

Suck It 62

Pumpkin Riot 56

Crystal Meth Orgy 38

Genius Club 36

Jackalopes 24

South Africa 23.5

Kobe, How My Ass Taste 20

Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 20

Team China 11

Who Needs Smallpox Blankets When You Can Give Kids Guns? 9

Thanks for playing!



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