Results from last week

Hey y’all!

A far too delayed results post (and league update going into tonight’s quiz).  Suck It returned to form with a 70-68.5 victory over Pumpkin Riot last week, with the two of them far ahead of the rest of the pack.  In third was non-league team (but occasional regulars) Viet Cong to France: Je Suis Charlie with 57 points, which earned them the right to pick a round on Miyazaki for tonight.  Picking up extra league points in 4th were the Jackalopes with 53.5, just ahead of Genius Club in 5th with 51.  And your best team name vote actually went to Brian, who played as “Diarrhea Perlman,” which may mean that he will regift his prize, the double-VHS of Titanic, to whoever wins best team name tonight.  That quasi-promise should get your creative juices flowing like nothing else.

And the league points update:

Team Total
Suck It 70
Pumpkin Riot 62
Genius Club 39
Crystal Meth Orgy 38
Jackalopes 28
South Africa 25.5
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 22
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 22
Gryffendorks 16
Team China 11

Enjoy tonight’s quiz!  Which, yes, will get done in time for the State of the Union, which you can watch in comfort in Stetsons!



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