Results from Last Night

Thanks to those of you who chose to pregame the SOTU with some trivia last night. We managed to squeak in under the wire before the speech started and had another very close night. The results were:

5th: Republicans Set to Lose All Important Castrated Pig Vote Tonight (league team Genius Club) – scoring 56 and earning 3 league points

4th: SOTU VII: This Time It’s Personal (league team South Africa) – scoring 59 and earning 4 league points

3rd: Crystal Meth Orgy – scoring 62.5 points, earning 5 league points and selecting a round for next week on US Supreme Court Chief Justices

2nd: Boyhood Predicted to Win in a Whitewash (league team Pumpkin Riot) – scoring 63.5 points, earning 6 league points and $25 off their bar tab

1st: Packer Tears Taste Like Melted Cheese (league team Suck It) – scoring 66.5 points, earning 8 league points and $50 off their bar tab

Here’s where that puts our league standings:

Suck It 78
Pumpkin Riot 68
Crystal Meth Orgy 43
Genius Club 42
Jackalopes 30
South Africa 29.5
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 24
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 22
Gryffendorks 18
Team China 13

And Mehrun will see you next week for another eight rounds!



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