Results from Feb 3

Thanks for packing Stetson’s again for this week’s quiz. Here’s how things shook out by the end:

1st (winning $50 off their tab and 8 league points): Ian Fleming: Tits or GTFO (team Pumpkin Riot)

2nd (winning $25 off their tab and 6 league points): I’d Rather Die in a Nationwide Ad Than an ISIS Video (team Suck It)

3rd (picking a round for next week and earning 5 league points): Crystal Meth Orgy

4th (earning 4 league points): Ted Kennedy Driving Experience

5th (earning 3 league points): Katy Perry Jumps the Shark

So Pumpkin Riot continues to close the gap with Suck It and are now just 5 league points behind. For their 3rd place win, Crystal Meth Orgy selected a round on the band Pavement for next week, although Mehrun has said it won’t be too inaccessible.

And here’s where the standings are with just one regular league night before the final:

Suck It 89
Pumpkin Riot 84
Crystal Meth Orgy 54
Genius Club 48
Jackalopes 34
South Africa 33.5
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 28
Kobe, How My Ass Taste 22
Gryffendorks 18
Team China 13

See you back next week for our last regular league night, and then on the 17th for the final!



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