Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming out to trivia tonight!  It was a difficult night as always, with only 2 teams cracking 60 points, but as you might expect they were our league leading teams.  Winning 1st prize tonight with 67.5 was Pumpkin Riot (playing as Suge Knight Rider), knocking off Suck It (playing as Did Brian Williams Step Down or Was He Shot Down?) with 64.5. In third – and earning the right to choose “World Cup Cricket” as a sports round for next week (and yes I will try to make it somewhat accessible to the masses) was team South Africa (playing as Four Orgies and a Sovereign Debt Crisis), with 57 points.  Crystal Meth Orgy (It’s a Smallpox After All) with 55 and Genius Club (playing as  the best-team-name-voted Suck It Should Respect Trivia and Give their Trophy to Beyonce) with 52.5 rounded out the top five.

So that brings us to the league standings going into the final.  Here are all the teams that are in contention for either the league championship or the five spots in the DC Trivia Champions League:

Suck It 95
Pumpkin Riot 92
Crystal Meth Orgy 58
Genius Club 51
South Africa 38.5
Jackalopes 36
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog 30

So what this means for next week’s final:

League Champion:
If Suck It wins next week’s final, they are also 2014-15 Winter League Champs.
If Suck It loses to Pumpkin Riot by up to 1 point, they are still Champs.
If Pumpkin Riot defeats Suck It by 2 or more points, they will be the Champs.
If Pumpkin Riot scores 1.5 points more than Suck It in next week’s final, we’ll go to a tiebreaker.
For any other team to be champion, they’ll have to beat both those teams by like 20 points, so that’s probably not going to happen.

For Champions League, however, the top 5 teams will receive berths.  And I have just received word that one of the teams in the upper reaches will likely be abdicating its spot due to a conflict, which would mean that the Jackalopes would most likely have the final spot in the league, though Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog is still alive going into the final, but would need to win next week to knock them off, given that the Jackalopes will get 2 points for attendance next week.

Hope that clears stuff up for y’all! Like I said I may be called out of town next week, but if so it’ll still be a joint effort with rounds both by myself and Brian, but MC’ed by him.  Will be sad to miss it if so!  Either way, stay tuned here for hints in the coming week!



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