Congrats to Team Suck It! (and other league results)

Hi all,

Thanks for packing Stetson’s for the league final on Tuesday night. Suck It became our grand champions for the league after winning by 1 point in the final (which was extended to 2.5 points based on their prior performance), with Pumpkin Riot making it an extremely close race right up until the very end. And of course each team won the usual $50 and $25 off their respective tabs. Crystal Meth Orgy and South Africa tied for third, selecting rounds for next week on UConn Women’s Basketball and Post-WWII War Criminals, respectively.

Five teams also earned the right to represent Stetson’s in the next edition of the DC Trivia Champions League, which will start up soon. Those teams are:

Suck It (automatically in due to winning last time, not that they needed it)

Pumpkin Riot

Crystal Meth Orgy

South Africa


So congrats to all five of those teams as well – we’ll be in touch very soon with more details.

Thanks again to all of the regular teams who show up weekly for us to pelt you with questions about things that generally don’t matter – I know we have a lot of fun doing it and we hope that you have fun playing. I’ll hope to see you all next week for another night of trivia (and without all that league pressure!), and Mehrun will be back with you in two.



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