Hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Here are a few quick hints for Tuesday’s quiz.  (And as this may be the first time at Stetsons for some teams in the DC Trivia Champions League or just in general, I’ll remind you that sometimes the hints can really only help you on a single question, but sometimes they can help you decipher the entire theme of a round.)


See y’all Tuesday!  And for anyone who hasn’t been there before, the seat reservation rules: 1 person can reserve a single table for up to 4 people (or up to 4 stools at the bar), but if you want to reserve a double table of 8 people (or 5 or more bar stools), you need 4 people physically present.  First come first served, and of course, if you’re holding a seat for someone and they’re not there by the end of the first round, the seat is up for grabs. Also, don’t forget that in addition to the normal rounds (current events, audio, music), last week’s third place team selected a round on Ethiopian history, so that’ll be in there, and in the sports-literature alternating pattern, this week is a sports week, so there’ll be some kind of sports round.  Enjoy!



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