Hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

I’m back from some travels and ready to post some hints for this Tuesday!

First, don’t forget that last week’s third place team requested a round on Sub Pop Records, so that will show up (and will not the be the music name-that-tune round).  Then:


See y’all Tuesday!  And yes, that IS St. Patrick’s Day.  We’ll try our best to make it go smoothly but it probably couldn’t hurt to get there on the early side to make sure you get seats in an orderly manner.




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2 responses to “Hints for Tuesday

  1. Chuck Wagon

    The whole point of requesting a Sup Pop round was so that we could actually listen to good music during one of your audio rounds for once… As that apparently is not going to happen, we are definitely not going to return this week after all (and you can feel free to skip the Sup Pop round altogether –as I’m sure your typical crowd would prefer to answer questions about Katy Perry or Reehanna (sp?) instead of one about better/more interesting acts, such as Shearwater or The Helio Sequence…)

    • Mehrun

      Yikes! Well, I had heard it wasn’t requested specifically as an audio round, and either way I think you missed out on a pretty good Sub Pop round (plus a background music playlist of all Sub Pop throughout the evening). Sorry to hear that our attempts to ensure a broad mix of music rather disappoint you.

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