Results from May 12

Hey all,

Here’s how things shook out at trivia this week:

1st: Genius Orgy (earning 8 league points and $50 off their bar tab)

2nd: Are All These Old AOL CDs Worth Something Now? (league team: Too Many Clues, earning 6 league points and $25 off their bar tab)

3rd: Pinot Noir, AOL Corporate Take-ovar (earning 5 league points and choosing a round on Game of Thrones so far, meaning nothing from the timeline that hasn’t yet aired on TV)

4th: Tom Brady Can Hold My Deflated Balls Anytime (league team: Hillary, earning 4 league points)

5th: Mixing Remy, a little bit of Henny (league team: Hard-on Colliders, earning 3 league points)

And here are our league standings after three weeks:

Too Many Clues 22
Genius Orgy 18
Suck It 14
Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir 9
Flavin’s Fighting Feisters 8.5
South Africa 8
The Artist Formerly Known As Hillary 8
Hard-on Colliders 7
Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution 6
China Team 5.5

Mehrun will be back with you next week – see you then!



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