Results from Tuesday, June 30

Thanks to all who came and cheered the US to victory while playing a bit of trivia as well! We had another hard-fought night, with this ultimate result:

1st: Vajazzlers make a fancy taco (team Too May Clues) – earning 8 league points and $50 off their alcohol tab

2nd: NBC Tells Trump to Suck It (team Suck It) – earning 6 league points and $25 off their alcohol tab

3rd: Genius Orgy – earning 5 league points and choosing a round for next week on synthesizer solos

4th: #AskBobby for Gay Wedding Advice (team Hillary) – 4 league points

5th: Tianenmen are from Mars, Tianenwomen are from Venus (China team) – 3 league points

So here are our standings:

Too Many Clues 69
Suck It 56
Genius Orgy 54
Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir 33
Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution 28
The Artist Formerly Known As Hillary 25
South Africa 20
Flavin’s Fighting Feisters 18.5
China Team 14.5

Mehrun will be back with you next week with synthesizer solos, sports, and who knows what else. See you there!



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