Results from Tuesday, and league standings update

Hey y’all!

Thanks for coming out to trivia last Tuesday. It was quite the showdown, but in the end, Too Many Clues took the $50 prize and consolidated their grip on 1st place in the league by scoring 73, outpacing Suck It (66). Ten points back in 3rd with 56 was Genius Orgy (who used their third-place prerogative to request a round on saxophonists), and picking up bonus league points in 4th (with 52.5) and 5th (with 44) were Pinot Noir and South Africa, respectively.

Which brings us to the league standings going into Tuesday’s grand final. Not too dissimilar to the above rankings, the overall leaderboard is as follows:

Team Total
Too Many Clues 91
Suck It 75
Genius Orgy 68
Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir 47
Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution 35
The Artist Formerly Known As Hillary 31
South Africa 23
Flavin’s Fighting Feisters 21.5
China Team 16.5
Hard-on Colliders 13

Now, what this means for the race to be 2015 Stetsons Summer Trivia League Champs: the overall winner of the league will be determined by adding one half your league score through last week with your total raw score this week (which, by the way, is a supersize edition with at least 100 points possible). So while Too Many Clues has a big advantage – they’d need to lose by at least 8 on Tuesday to fail to be champs – everyone on that leaderboard still has a mathematical chance (albeit some more than others), and there will be a lot of points available, and we’ll step up the difficulty a notch because it’s the final. We’ve seen a 14 league-point lead overturned in the final before a few seasons back…will we see it happen with 16?

As for the race for the 5 DC Trivia Champions League spots for this fall’s competition, that will be determined by treating this week’s final just like a normal league week – in that you’ll get 8 league points for winning it, 6 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 3 for 5th, and 2 for showing up – with those scores added to the above numbers. So the race for the final champions league spot looks like it’ll come down to Dr. Funke and Hillary.

Ok, now that you know all that, we’ll be posting some hints starting later this evening. Get ready!



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