Hints for tomorrow (and remaining Stetsons schedule)

Hey y’all,

First of all, thank you all for your support as we must now come to terms with the closure of Stetsons at the end of October. It’s definitely the end of an era, but I really appreciate your encouragement and assistance in finding a new venue for our quiz to continue into the future. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow!

Speaking of which, I should let you know our remaining schedule while we’re at Stetsons. Due to a previously determined travel schedule, we’re mixing things up a bit, so here’s the hosting agenda as it stands:

Tomorrow, 9/22: Me.

9/29 and 10/6: Brian. (Round 2 is literature then)

10/13 and 10/20: Me. (Round 2 is sports then)

10/27: Both of us, for our grand farewell to Stetsons, in which…not even we know what the H the format will be. NO RULES!

Anyway, back to hints for tomorrow. In case you missed it, the 3rd place choice round will be on Napoleon (not only the man, but also a few other Napoleon references may be sprinkled in). And a few more hints:

See y’all tomorrow!



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