hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

Tomorrow is my last solo day of hosting trivia at Stetsons. Eek. It’ll be a semi-sad occasion (although it’ll be even sadder, but probably more of a party, next week for our jointly hosted grand finale). Also, next week will be liable to be freeform, with all the rules going out the window (though still no cellphones, I can’t emphasize that enough), so if you want one last classic format with all the normal rounds, tomorrow’s your chance.

Last week we had a great showdown with three of our outstanding regular teams – best known as Suck It, Too Many Clues, and South Africa – going 1, 2, 3 at the top, in that order. And South Africa requested a round on Bravo reality TV stars/personalities (after initially thinking they’d do Latin American literature), so that’ll keep things classy tomorrow in round 5. A couple other hints to get you going:

And who knows, I may put a bonus hint here before tomorrow night…looking forward to seeing y’all there tomorrow night.




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