This is the official blog of Stetsons Pub Quiz, run by your quizmasters, Mehrun (hosting since 2011) and Brian, who joined up as a full co-host in early 2014.  We alternate weeks. Check back regularly for hints about the upcoming week’s quiz, recent quiz results, standings when a league is in progress, and any other announcements I feel like posting.

Pub Quiz takes place every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm at Stetsons Famous Bar & Grill, 1610 U Street NW, Washington, DC. Each Tuesday, you’ll be treated to eight rounds of DC’s toughest bar trivia. Bring a team or come alone. The winning team earns $50 off of its bar tab, and the second place team earns $25 off its bar tab.  Third place teams earn the right to choose a round theme we have to write for the next week’s quiz.