Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for packing the house yet again on Tuesday night – after last week, I ramped up the level of difficulty a bit, and in the end, it was TST taking first place for the first time in a couple months under the name “Charlie Crissst Takes it from Both Sides”, with 66 points.  They edged out Suck It, playing as “Nate’s Using Apple Maps…Waiting….” with 63.5.  Picking up a bonus point and a half in the league each, and earning the right to choose a round each for next week, were the two teams tied in third with 59: Elmo Getting Stuffed, playing as “Tell the Jerky Boys to Call Flo from Progressive”, and Genius Club, playing as “Prostate to Gandalf: You Shall Not Pass Either, Buddy.”  The former team requested a round on South Park, which I will write for next week, and the latter requested one on Kurt Vonnegut, which will be the lit round next Tuesday.  Also, winning the team name vote this week was Butt Stuff, who took home this classic as their prize:


The league leaders right now, through 5 weeks (not counting amnesty at the end for teams that only miss one week):

Suck It : 27
Tues. Heartbreak: 22
TST: 17
Genius Club: 16.5
Elmo Getting Stuffed: 11.5
Capital Brainshare: 10
Ann Romney: 10
My Couch Pulls Out but I Don’t: 10
Hermaphrodite Barbie: 7
Jonathan et al: 6
Team China: 6
Butt Stuff: 4
Other teams: less than 4.

Stay tuned for hints to come soon!



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